Tiger cub rescued from illegal animal trade

A tiger cub has been rescued from an illegal animal trade. The cub is a 2-month old female and is named Nong Kwan. The Wildlife Conservation Office handed the tiger cub to Bueng Chawak Non-Hunting Area and Center. The tiger cub is also involved in a Criminal case no.363/2565 seized on the 5th. A suspect in the case stated Nong Kwan was smuggled into Thailand to be sold from a neighboring country. The Department of National Park Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) will investigate the source of the tiger cub from the tiger database and whether it is related to a tiger in Thailand. 



Surasak Anumetayangkun the head of Bueng Chawak Center stated Nong Kwan is feeling much better. She still has a runny nose but is sneezing less with no fever, her gums have also started turning light pink. Nong Kwan is able to feed a lot and is drinking 6-10 ounces of milk per meal. Caretakers are feeding her every 2-4 hours. She is bright and playful, always interested in her surroundings. The tiger cub has developed a tie with the caretaker but sadly she is likely never returning to the wild. Because she has no mother there is no one to teach her hunting instincts and she will have to live in a cage all her life. 



Nong Kwan was found at a parking lot in a mall located in Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province. Officials state that the investigation will continue and hopefully all involved will be arrested. The DNP is now taking serious precautions to find those related to illegal animal trades, especially protected animals. The Bueng Chawak Center is ready and prepared to take care of Nong Kwan. They have raised many tigers and lions from the moment they were born who are all doing well. The center has stopped breeding tigers and lions, males and females are separated from each other. They are also located near the Kamphaeng Saen Animal Hospital. Nong Kwan is now safe in good hands and will be living a happy life. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Nong Kwan was found at a parking lot in a mall located in Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province.


Source: Khaosod