Top 5 items forgotten on Thai taxis

This information was gathered by JS100 Lost & Found, they are a part of JS100 that accept lost and found cases through the Call Center at 1137 and all their Social Media platforms. They will try their best to help you find your item. Always try to remember the color and license plate of every taxi that you get on, better safe than sorry.


This year in 2018, over 40,000 cases of lost items have been reported to JS100. We might see this as a far topic from us, but for those living in the city and on the outskirts of Thailand, Taxi services can sometimes become a necessity in travel as it is convenient.


Credit: JS100
Credit: JS100


Items that we use more often tend to get lost easier, it might be because of how many times we pick it up and then put it down without realizing, once you realize it, it’s often too late. In some cases, the Taxi drivers will attempt to return the lost item to the owner, but sadly, in most cases, your lost item is gone forever.




Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become a part of our body, we reach for it almost every minute when we are awake. We use it for entertainment purposes and to connect with people from all over the world, the invention of the smartphone along with social media has truly given us two lives, one in real life and one on Social Media. Normally, passengers will use their phone while sitting in the taxi and then place it right next to them with the thought of picking it up later, next thing you know if you have left the taxi but your phone is still in the back seat of the car.




Your Wallet

Your wallet holds not only your cash and credit cards but often important documents such as your ID card and driver’s license. When losing your wallet, compose yourself and take the next steps right away. Call all your debit and credit card companies to inform them of the situation so they can freeze your cards. For females, wallets are often kept in the handbag that should be held to the body at all times, if the wallet is lost then normally the handbag is gone too. For males, the wallet is normally smaller than most female wallets, making it convenient to place it in the back pocket, beware as it can easily fall out on the taxi seat.




Your handbag

This includes both female handbags and male office bags. Always remember to never place your handbag or office bag on the seat of the taxi, as this is the main reason why it gets left behind. The city lifestyle is fast-paced, so most leave the taxi in a hurry and forget their bag behind. Imagine losing your laptop, phone, important documents, and wallet all at once: Never let go of your bag.




Travel Baggage

The lost of travel baggage rises in the holiday periods such as the New Year, Christmas, and Songkran when many travel to go on vacation or to visit their family. The travel baggage is placed in the back of the car, it can be easy to leave it behind as it is not visible to the eye. If possible place the baggage next to you or in the front seat of the taxi to avoid forgetting about it.




Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are often placed at the foot when sitting in a taxi, make it a habit to place your shopping bags next to you or on your lap while using taxi services to avoid forgetting the bags. Another tip to avoid losing any of these 5 items is to always take a look around the taxi, especially the back seat and on the taxi floor before closing the door.


FB Caption: Over 40,000 cases of lost items have been reported to JS10 in 2018.


Source: JS100