Torrential rain leads to 2km tailback in Chonburi

THERE was chaos in adjacent Chonburi city this afternoon (Sept 24, 2018) as 3 hours of heavy driving rain compounded by water gushing down to the sea from Khao Kheow and Khao Noi hills led to bad flooding and 2-kilometer tailback on a key road, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

The floodwater was 30-60 centimeters high on some stretches of Sethakit road (Chonburi-Bang Pa-in) with this leading to some cars and motorcycles breaking down and triggering the big tailback.

Adding to the woes of the locals was that the torrential rainstorm and ensuing flood coincided with schoolchildren returning home, with most doing so on motorcycles.

Fortunately there were no accidents, but locals are worried that more rain will raise the floodwater.


Top: The big tailback in Chonburi city today with the Thai headline saying “Chonburi city flooded.”  Photo: Matichon