Tourist badly bitten after trying to snatch baby monkey

A TOURIST who tried to snatch a baby monkey from its mother at nearby Chonburi province’s Khao Sam Muk hill got badly injured after the whole troop ringed around and bit her, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 24).

Rescuers from Trai Khunnatham Foundation rushed to help Ms Chin (assumed name), a tourist who came up to the viewing platform at Kho Sam Muk hill, in San Suk subdistrict, and was badly bitten by monkeys living around there.

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Chin was wailing in pain and the rescuers dressed many wounds on her arms and legs, after which they sent her to the hospital.

An eyewitness, who is a cleaner at the viewing platform, said she saw the injured tourist who seemed to be drunk and started troubling the monkeys.

She then tried to snatch a baby monkey from its mother, which led to the whole troop of monkeys, which usually live in social groups, encircling and biting her. Luckily some people saw what was happening and quickly chased the monkeys away, but if they had not been there she would have been even more severely injured.

Officials warn tourists who come to this popular spot that if they want to feed the monkeys they should not give the food in their hands, or clasp their hands, because it is dangerous and they could be bitten.


Top: The tourist bitten by monkeys getting first aid.  Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: A monkey perched on a wing mirror of a car at Khao Sam Muk hill. Photo: Thai News Agency