Tourist confused after taxi driver forgets him at gas station.

A Norwegian tourist was left confused after a taxi driver forgot him at a gas station. The driver returned after realizing his mistake 60 kilometers away. The driver believed the tourist was silent because he was sleeping. He only realized the passenger was gone because the car arrived on a tollway and he needed the fee. The 191 radio station received notification on 19 December 2022 at 15.30 from a local. There was a tourist who was left inside a gas station in Chonburi Province. Police Sergeant Chanin Badkuntot from the Chonburi City Police went to the location. The good citizen who called in was also waiting with the tourist. 



The good citizens helped translate what the tourist was saying. The Norwegian man stated he traveled from Ko Chang Island in Trat Province. His destination is Hotel Nana in Bangkok. He hired a taxi driver and while driving they took a break at the gas station. The driver left to use the bathroom while the tourist went inside a convenience store to buy food. He returned to the car park but the taxi was gone.The police and the good citizen helped contact the hotel where the tourist was staying in. The hotel were able to contact the taxi driver. The tourist was extremely relieved as his passport, phone, and all valuables were inside the taxi. 



The taxi driver returned to pick up the passenger. The driver stated he returned to the taxi afterwards and there was another vehicle blocking the car. He got inside and started driving without looking at the passenger seat. He drove onto the motorway and had already arrived at the stop in Lat Krabang. This is 60 kilometers away from the gas station. As soon as he realized the mistake, he called the hotel. The tourist is now safe with the taxi driver on the way to their destination in Bangkok. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The taxi didn’t realize his mistake 60 kilometers later. 


Source: Khaosod