Tourist dies on plane landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport

A Frenchman who flew to Bangkok for a holiday with friends was found dead just as the plane was landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 7 am this morning (June 8), Thai News Agency said.

Doctors who initially checked the body of Gavet Pilippe Albert Henri, 65, did not find anything suspicious and think he could have died of congenital disease.

Pol. Col. Montree Baothong, head of Suvarnabhumi Airport police station, said he was alerted at 7 am that a passenger of this name had died on Air France AF116 flight from Paris to Bangkok which had parked at gate F6.

Doctors at the airport and Por Tek Tung Foundation rescue workers confirmed that he had died and his body has now been sent to the Forensic Science Institute to determine the cause of his death.

Pol Col Montree said Mr Henri had flown to Bangkok for a holiday with his friends and just as the plane was about to land his friends tried to wake him up but he remained still so their alerted the airline crew.


Top: Rescue workers carry the body of the dead French passenger from the plane. Photo: Thai News Agency



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