Tourist go rafting in Phang Nga canal despite bad weather

DESPITE torrential rain and a strong warning from Thai Meteorological Department, a tour company in southern coastal Phang Nga province today (July 18, 2018) took some tourists rubber boat rafting in Song Phraek canal, INN News reported.

The tour company and the tourists did not heed to dire warning from weathermen that Thailand is facing very heavy rain during July 16-19, 2018 with the waves in the Andaman sea and northern part of Gulf of Thailand being 2-3 meters high, and even higher during heavy downpours. Small boats were told to stay ashore while bigger vessels were told to sail very cautiously.

The Thai meteorologists also said that tropical storm Son-Tinh was over Tonkin Gulf, centered about 300 kilometers east of Vinh in Vietnam. It is moving westwards with wind speed of 30 km/hr. with maximum sustained wind about 70 km/hr.

It is expected make landfall at Vinh today (July 18, 2018). It will have an effect on the upper Thailand with more rain and isolated heavy to very heavy showers. People should beware of severe weather conditions and stay tuned for weather forecast.

Meanwhile a strong southwesterly monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf. Abundant rain with isolated heavy falls are likely in the Central, the East and the South. Strong wind waves of 2-3 meters and even higher are forecast in thundershower areas.


Top: Dangerously rafting along Phang Nga canal. Photo: INN News