Tourists arrested at drug party in Satun

Officials arrested 2 tourists at a drug party in Satun Province. Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of 2 tourists, they were caught in a drug party. Officials received notification from an employee at the Babara Budget Hotel in Satun about tourists acting suspiciously. The tourists were having a loud party inside their room. They were also acting out and damaging items in the hotel and were very noisy, disrespecting other clients at the hotel.


Credit: INN News


The hotel employee provided the police with guest information. When officials ran their names through the biometrics system Martire from Italy and Mohammadi from the Netherlands traveled into Thailand on 13 February 2020. Both tourists have overstayed their Visa so officials were sent to inspect the hotel right away. When officials arrived the sound was coming from room C11. Officials entered the room and Martire was inside with 2 Thai women. The group was having a drug party. The room was searched and Cocaine was found hidden in random spots in the room. Matire claims that he purchased the drugs from a taxi driver at the Parkbara Pier.


Credit: INN News


Officials then entered room B11 and found Mohammadi. The room was searched and marijuana was found. Mohammadi claims that the drugs were purchased from Koh Lee Peh Island. Both tourists were arrested and delivered to the La Knu Police Station for prosecution. Matire and Monhammadi have overstayed in Thailand, instead of keeping quiet and staying safe during the Covid-19 situation they both decided to have a drug-fueled party with Thai girls. Not only are they risking their own lives but employees at the hotel were also afraid of the virus. Both suspects were loud and damaged hotel goods, an inconvenience for other customers and the employees.


FB Caption: A hotel employee notified the Immigration Police about 2 suspicious guests having a loud party.


Source: INN News