Tourists flee as fierce storm hits Koh Hong

HUNDREDS of tourists ran for their lives at Koh Hong island off southern Krabi province after torrential rain and powerful winds suddenly tore through yesterday uprooting trees and cutting branches in its path, reported this morning (Sept 19, 2018)

The sudden fierce wind gusts amid heavy downpour on this island, which is part of Than Bok Khorani national park, lasted over 10 minutes panicking tourists who ran as fast as they could for sturdy shelter.

As there were also high storm surges from the very rough Andaman sea, tour boats were told to quickly come ashore.

Mr Veerasak Sisachang, head of the national, said right now the winds and waves are still very strong because the southwesterly monsoon is cloaking the Andaman Sea, bringing continuous rainfall.

The park has warned tourist operators to be careful  but cannot stop the tours because this is an open park, he added

Meanwhile officials at Sa Nang Manora Forest Park in Phang Nga province today blocked the entrance with metal barriers to stop outsiders from coming in after heavy downpours swelled up Sa Nang Manora waterfall making it too dangerous for tourists to visit, the Thai-language Matichon reported.

Phang Nga’s governor Sithichai Sakda warned locals that super storm Mangkhut, which has now downgraded to a tropical storm, will be lashing Thailand with heavy rain today and tomorrow (Sept 19-20) and this will likely trigger flash floods, forest runoffs and landslides in the southern province.

Small boats were told to stay ashore because the sea is very rough right now.


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