Tourists too relaxed on Pak Meng Beach.

Local tourists fill Pak Meng Beach, Hat Chao Mai National Park, Trang Province on 4 May 2020. The emergency decree has been extended for 30 days until the end of May. With the extension, the national curfew from 10.00-4.00 is still in place but there are more relaxed rules on businesses that are allowed to re-open for business with conditions and the alcohol ban has been lifted. Provincial governors are allowed to make changes to these rules with some choosing to continue the alcohol ban for safety within the province.


Some people are perhaps too relaxed, although the number of new Covid-19 cases have been pretty good these last few days, the number can rise again at any time. Groups of families, lone travelers, and teenagers fill the Pak Meng Beach in Trang. Most of these local tourists have come to relax and put aside some tension that has been collecting in the past month. Groups of tourists are found sitting on the beach and some even went in the water despite the red flag. Teenagers are sitting in large circles with no social distancing and none are wearing masks. The groups of families are also wearing no masks. Most of the vehicles parked by the beach show that most of the local tourists have traveled in from other provinces mainly Krabi and Songkhla.


Officials have been arranged to keep watch of the people in tourist locations including Pak Meng Beach. Many officials are stationed at the Covid-19 checkpoint in Sikao District as many are returning from Phuket back to their hometown in Trang Province. Officials have to check every single person for Covid-19 symptoms. Hopefully, those returning from Phuket will take self-quarantine seriously as fear of the virus spreading still remains. Officers from the Hat Chao Mai National Park keep reminding the people to wear masks and maintain social distancing but teenagers are still traveling to the beach despite the warnings.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Local tourists from Krabi and Songkhla are sitting on the beach with no masks and no social distancing, some even went in the water despite warnings from officers.


Source: Sanook News