Trackers chasing 5 more crocodiles in Songkhla

WHILE the crocodile which roamed around Phuket’s Lae Pang beach for a couple of days has been caught officials in Songkhla province are tracking down 5 more reptiles which escaped from a farm on Sunday, Thai  News Agency said.

The crocodiles managed to escape because the earth beneath the wall fence sank and officials suspect that they are roaming around the jungle near the farm in Singhanakhon district of this southern province.

Residents and tourists are urged to alert the authorities of they see them because some  are over two meters long.


Top: An expert carrying a crocodile at the farm in Songkhla from which some escaped on  Sunday. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: The farm from which the five crocodiles fled. Photo: Thai News Agency

Songkhla crocodile farm



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