Traffic pole enters ice truck windshield, driver survives.

An ice delivery driver survived death after a traffic pole went through the windshield of his truck on the passenger side. The poll only missed him by inches, this all happened after he avoided another car that was speeding on the road. The incident took place at 10:00 AM on 28 February 2021 in Yasothon Province. The local emergency line 191 received a notification about a truck that ran into a pole with traffic signs. The incident took place in the main city of Yasothon on a curve by the Ban Nam Kham Noi Golf Course. The local rescue team was notified before they went to the accident location.


The team arrived and found a white truck with no license plate. The truck is used as an ice delivery truck for a local ice factory. The vehicle was by the road with a broken windshield and a pole sticking out of the front. The pole almost hit the driver in the head went in went inside. Tawee Lakharn 31-year-old from Nam Kham Yai Sub-district is the driver who survived the shocking accident. The driver was found sitting under a cabin near the accident location.


Credit: Sanook



Tawee stated he was driving the ice truck to different villages around town. He was driving to the next village from Na Kham Noi to Kudchum District. When he arrived at the curve suddenly there were 2 trucks that were racing against each other. Out of fear the driver made a sudden turn to the side of the road. This is when he drove into a traffic pole, as a result the pole flew out of the ground and entered his windshield. He tried to stay calm after the pole only missed his head by inches and made a stop before the truck hit anything else. The 2 trucks that were speeding saw what had happened as a result of their reckless driving and drove away.


Credit: Sanook



FB Caption: The accident was a result of 2 trucks racing each other but they both disappeared when the accident took place.


Source: Sanook