Trains delayed after emergency door release pulled

A MRT subway train was stopped at Thai Cultural Centre station at 8.09 a.m., causing delays for thousands of morning commuters today, Thai PBS said.

 It was not immediately known what caused one of the MRT trains to malfunction, but train riders who were not aware of the service disruption kept arriving at stations and waiting for over 15 minutes there.

 The problem MRT train was on its way to Hua Lampong from Bang Sue.

 However a MRT spokesman said later that the train was forced to stop when an unknown train rider pulled the emergency door release.

 The problem was later fixed and the spokesman apologized for the inconvenience caused by the incident.

 While he said the train returned to normal service shortly afterwards, train commuters said they had to wait over 15 minutes before the subway system  started functioning normally again, Thai PBS said.

 No other details were given on what action the MRT is going to take against the puller of the emergency door release.


Top: A sign at an underground MRT station pointing the Hua Lampong route. Photo: Julien Gong Min (CC-by-2.0)


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