Tuk Tuk driver attacks Grab Car Driver on Ratchada Road.

A Tuk Tuk driver kicked a Grab Car driver on Ratchadapisek Road in Bangkok. The Tuk Tuk driver claimed after the incident went viral that there are no mafia taxis in the area. The Tuk Tuk driver has ended up in trouble with the police and currently has 4 charges up against him, the incident took place on 11 March 2020. Police Colonel Purit Jintranan from the Hua Kwang Police Station has invited Ek the Tuk Tuk driver in for a talk at the station on 12 March 2020.


Ek had attacked a Grab Car driver in front of a famous mall on Ratchadapisek Road. Ek has 4 charges and will be sent to prison on 13 March 2020. A video and pictures went viral online showing Ek fighting and attacking a Grab Car driver who came to drop off a passenger in front of the mall. The police reported that both Ek and the Grab Car driver have come in for a talk at the station. The Grab Car driver wishes to let Ek go and forgives him. Sad for Ek, things arent so easy and he will have to go through prosecution as planned.


Ek admitted that he attacked the Grab Car driver. There are few tourists during this time, he doesn’t care if there are Grab drivers accepting passengers, but they shouldn’t come to where local drivers are parked. Ek believes that the Grab drivers are showing bad intentions towards taxi and Tuk Tuk drivers in the area. This made him furious and led him to attack the Grab driver. Ek confirms that there are no taxi mafias in the area. It is well known that there are Tuk Tuk drivers waiting for tourists in front of the famous mall.


Credit: INN News


The Tuk Tuk drivers feel as if someone is trying to steal their customers. Ek wishes that the belief of service drivers acting as mafia in touristy areas will disappear because as a driver he is working a good clean job just like Grab drivers. Thanks to the job, Ek can take care of his family. The world has changed and customers can find drivers anywhere through the applications, he hopes that Win drivers and Grab drivers think about how he finds customers in his daily job.


FB Caption:  Ek believes that Grab drivers are showing bad intentions towards taxis and Tuk Tuk drivers in the area.


Source: INN News