Tuk Tuk driver attacks tourist after he fails to raise the price

The story of a Tuk Tuk driver who attacked a tourist after he denied paying a higher price for the ride went viral in Singapore. This is common in Thailand where Tuk Tuk drivers and taxi drivers will try to charge more than the usual local price if they realize you are a tourist. The behavior is not supported by other Thais. The tourist from Singapore shared his experience after he was yelled at by the Tuk Tuk driver. The driver became extremely mad and started pointing at the man’s face while calling him names. Some netizens do not believe this is the main reason why the Tuk Tuk driver became so mad and that there is another reason. 



The tourist claims he is the victim after the Tuk Tuk driver tried to increase the price after the trip had already started. A video was shared by tiktok user named “BKKdiaries” stating “The Tuk Tuk driver tried to charge more for the ride. I didn’t agree with this so he parked on the road and started attacking me. I have filed a report with the police”. The user also stated “Early on there was a case where a taxi driver acted violently towards a tourist. This is another similar case. I hope you share this story and support Bangkok to improve the situation. Tourist please be careful”. The incident took place on 2 September 2022 at 14.45. 



John Chen told AsiaOne about the incident. He called a Tuk Tuk from Central World to his room near Surasak BTS Station. The price was agreed at 160 THB but the driver tried to increase the price to 300 THB after the ride started. The driver claimed the condo was too far and the passenger denied to pay the new price. The driver was seen in the video swearing at the passenger in Thai and English. He ended up paying 100 THB to the driver. John also claimed that the driver pushed him and tried to attack him even further. John walked away and went to file a report with the police. Netizens have advised other tourists to take the sky train or use Taxi meter services for their own safety. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The tourist claimed the driver pushed him and demanded a price increase from 160 THB to 300 THB. He ended up giving the driver 100 THB. 


Source: Khaosod