Turning a cemetery into a farm

Rice farmers in Or-e-kiew Village in the central Thai province of Ratchaburi  yesterday (Dec 12, 2018) harvested their first crop of rice grown on an abandoned cemetery, dispelling a jink that had haunted them for several years, the Thai-language daily Khao Sod reported.

“The villagers initially were hesitant to grow anything on it, so I asked them to vote and the majority of them agreed to farm the land,” said Village Headman Suchart Chuenjai.

With the addition of a big fish pond, vegetable plots and tall trees, the village has drawn a lot of visitors who want to learn about their farming technique.

“We plan to open a web page to draw more visitors to our village, which also makes earthen jars and souvenir items,” said Mr Suchart.



Credit : khaosod.co.th