Two-headed man actually has a tumor

A 71-year-old man in Lopburi province is appealing for help to eliminate a huge tumor jutting from the right side of his head, Workpoint reported today (Nov. 8).

A Workpoint reporter went to see the 71-year-old man this morning at village group 3 in Lopburi’s Muang district and was shocked to find how he is suffering because there is a huge tumor almost as big as his head.

It has caused him a lot of suffering for 10 years when he goes out to meet other people he has to hold the huge tumor with his right hand.

“I have been suffering for more than 10 year, I went to the hospital several times and the doctors there said ‘uncle you will soon be cured’ but it hasn’t worked out as the doctors have told me.

“I have taken medicine but the tumor has continued to grow – wherever I walk in the village people call me two-headed man.”

An anonymous donor gives him one 1,000 baht every month by depositing this amount in his bank account.


Top: The old man with a tumor almost as big as his head. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip