Two-year-old child drowns in Rayong

A TWO-year-old child drowned in the sea at a Rayong beach yesterday (Oct. 10) during an outing with his grandfather who had left the child to go buy some food and drinks for him, Thai News Agency said today.

The small child, Chakrit Borisud or Nong Kaw, had gone with his grandfather, Thongyoo Borisud, 68, to play in the sea at Suchada beach together with three other children of around the same age

Thongyoo watched the small children carefully but as it got close to noon, he decided to go buy some meatballs and soft drinks for them.

After instructing his two-year-old grandchild to stay on the beach and not go into the sea he walked towards the food stalls but when he turned around to have a look he saw the waves pulling Chakrit into the sea.

He rushed to save the child and called on other people to help but failed to do so.

Later rescuers dove into the sea to search to the small child’s body and found him drown three meters way and brought him back ashore to his heartbroken family.


Top: Rayong divers searching for the body of the two-year-old boy who drowned yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency