Undercover police officers inspected the wrong home.

Undercover police officers inspected the wrong home and shocked the owner. A Facebook user shared the story online and stated “The police team from Nonsung Police Station are like this”. A video showed 4 men claiming to be police officers running into a villager’s home. The men stated they had a mission to do and an argument started. Each side then separated ways. INN News visited the Nonsung Police Station in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The team met with Rattanapon Tupkaew who confirmed that the 4 men are officers from Nonsung Police Station. 


Credit: INN News


Before the incident the team that went to search the house received notification from detectives. The notification stated villagers gathered to gamble at the home. Not only is gambling illegal, but gathering during this time when Covid-19 numbers are high is wrong. Safety measures are put in place to limit the spread of the virus. Gambling with no masks on in a small space will put many in high risk if one of them is infected. An undercover team was sent to the home with intentions to find the gamblers. 



As soon as the team arrived they surrounded the home and entered inside. The mission was carried out but then there was no gambling inside. The team decided to leave but while on the way out an argument started with the homeowner. The villager was shocked and didn’t understand why the officers were inside the home. The officers were not wearing any uniforms and it was no surprise that the homeowner did not think they were real officers. They also entered the home aggressively as the officers believed people were gambling inside. The homeowner recorded part of the incident and shared it online. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The undercover police officers believed there was gambling inside the home. 


Source: INN News