Uproar over pretties at a football stadium

A STORM of criticism is raging in Thai social media today (March 5) after provocative photos of some pretties, or promotional models, with football players at a stadium went viral, Sanook.com reported.

Facebook Page user “Nak Lah Net Idol Return” posted spicy photos of pretties standing together and sitting on the laps of football players, with one of them showing these players standing in front of a board with many pretties crawling in front of them.

Earlier many football stadiums open the door for pretties to go stand next to the field and cheer football players. However, some of them explained that they had not hired these pretties to come in, with the football players themselves doing so.

Nevertheless this is being heavily criticized with many people questioning whether it is suitable or not.


Top: Two pretties at a football stadium. Photo:  Sanook.com