Valuable parcel sent from US gets lost

THE purchase of diamond-studded watch and a bracelet from a website turned out to be a nightmare for a Thai woman  because the parcel sent  from US cannot be traced after reaching Suvarnabhumi Airport with Thailand Post still investigating the issue, Thai News Agency reported today (April 6).

The daughter of the woman who lost the valuables she purchased online came to Thai News Agency to relate the parcel’s disappearance.

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She said the parcel was sent from US on February 3 this year, with the final destination being northeastern Ubon Ratchathani province, and Thailand Post being used to deliver it.

The victim checked the parcel throughout the journey through the tracking number, but after it reached Suvarnabhumi Airport on February 19, there was no trace of it.

She telephoned Thailand Post’s Lak Si office, which is the center to sort out parcels, and officials there said it might not have reached and to wait another 2-3 weeks. On March 17, a one month after the issue cropped up, she called Thailand Post again.

missing diamond bracelet

This time officials admitted that they got the tracking number the same day it reached Suvarnabhumi Airport, but that it cannot be found is because it was not entered into the system.

They added that something bizarre had happened because a bag with 21 items came in, one of which was sent out on February 22, but hers seems to have got lost.

Completely shocked, she filed a police report, and the next day Thailand Post management called her in for talks.

They said Thailand started E-package agreement with US on March 16 this year, but as her parcel was sent on February 3 so is not covered by this pact.

This is also the reason it could not be scanned through the tracking number, they said, adding the bag with 21 parcels actually only contained 11 of them and hers might not have been among them.

Thailand Post refused to give Thai News Agency an interview but sent a written reply that officials have been appointed to find out the truth, and also contact the US postal service. If the parcel has got lost within the Thai postal service the victim will be refunded according to the law, and the wrongdoer punished.


Top:  A United States Postal Service envelope with a Thailand  Post sticker on it. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: The diamond-studded watch and bracelet which are now missing. Photos: Thai News Agency

Below:  Tracking information shown on a mobile phone. Photo: Thai News Agency

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