Van Gas Leak leaves Passengers unconscious

Van passengers went unconscious because there was a gas leak, some were even foaming at the mouth. The van was heading to Roi Et Province from Bangkok and was passing through Pak Chong District in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The Facebook Page “Pak Chong Times” in Thai reported the incident that took place at about 00.15 on 27 September 2020. Doctor Narongsak Bumrungthin from the Pak Chong Nana Hospital received notification from the 1669 emergency line of passengers unconscious on a van. The patients started feeling dizzy before falling unconscious, some were found foaming at the mouth. The passengers later stated that they felt difficult breathing before falling asleep. The van was parked inside a gas station on Mittraphap Road. The local rescue team and the Klang Dong Police were notified. 

Officials arrived to find some passengers still remained unconscious, some woke up but still extremely dizzy. All 9 passengers were delivered to the Pak Chong Nana Hospital. Passengers include Jakpong 34-year-old who is the driver, Prani 39-year-old, Bunsuk 57-year-old, Vichuda 24-year-old, Chonlada 21-year-old, Sompid 40-year-old, Kanyarat 20-year-old, Ratri 56-year-old, Niran 32-year-old who is the spare driver. All 9 were breathing in toxic gas from the gas leak. Jakpong while still slightly dizzy stated that he knows one of the passengers who wanted to hire a van to Roi Et. 


Credit: Sanook


When they arrived in Ayutthaya Province he started noticing a burning smell so he parked the van in Saraburi Province. They continued to drive and took another stop at the gas station in the incident because one of the passengers was feeling nauseous. While the passenger was leaving the van to the bathroom she fainted on the ground. Other passengers tried to stand up, many fainted, and some were totally unconscious. Gas station employees ran in to help and notified the emergency line. Jakpong states that he didn’t know there was a gas leak and has no idea what could’ve caused it. The van uses Natural Gas as fuel and police are investigating the cause of the gas leak. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Passengers tried to stand up, many fainted, and some were totally unconscious.


Source: Sanook, INN News