Van hooks, drags guard’s body 3 kilometers

THE body of a guard who had fallen off his motorcycle in the middle of the road was somehow hooked and dragged by a van for 3 kilometers to the driver’s home in central Nakhon Pathom province, Thai News Agency reported today (Nov. 29).

Provincial police and doctors rushed to check the body of Prasert Phuraya, 57, head of guards at Siam Secure Interguard  Co., Ltd, at the house of the owner and driver of Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom passenger van Mr Chinda Sumkhoon, 72.

The guard’s arm and shirt sleeve were found hitched to the front bumper’s tow hooks.

Capture - 2

Chinda told the police that after filling gas at a pump on Phetkasem highway, he u-turned to return home, and on the way he saw a fallen motorbike in the middle of the road but did not see the driver.

He said he heard a sound but thought he had stepped on some metal and drove on; on the way people made signs and pointed to him but he did not think it was a body, which he only found out upon reaching home.

Police a currently conducting an autopsy of the body. They have checked the motorbike and found not dents on it, and have not filed any charges as yet as they are still investigating and checking CCTV footage.


Top and in-text: The body of the guard (pixelated) stuck to the front of the van. Photos: Thai News Agency