Vendor wins first prize lottery after ordaining twin boys

A RICE and curry vendor in Kamphaeng Phet province who ordained his twin boys and prayed to win a big prize at the temple and then only bought one lottery ticket won 6 million baht first prize, Thai News Agency said today (Ma 3).

The lucky man is Somkiat Chingchai, 46, who said that on April 28-29 he ordained his twin boys at Nam Daeng Temple in his village and then prayed there that he win a big prize and that if he did he would build a wax model of Phra Wachira Khunaporn, or Abbot Sawang, who died 18 years ago.

He then went and bought only one lottery ticket, wanting one with 53 as the last two digits but getting 56, nevertheless winning the first prize.

Somkiat added that he and his wife sell rice and curry at Yen Thong Sai Market and also do some rice farming but he had debts to clear with  the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives and informal lenders totaling 1 million baht.

He collected his prize on May 3 and is using it to clear all his debts with the remainder being used for farming and to pay for his three children’s education as well as building a wax model of the former abbot as promised in his prayer.


Top: Somkiat, surrounded by his family, shows the winning lottery ticket. Photo: Thai News Agency



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