Violent storm destroys many houses Nakhon Phanom

A FIERCE storm slammed into northeastern Nakhon Phanom province’s Phon Sawan district today (April 21) destroying at least 300 houses and uprooting many power poles, Thai News Agency reported.

Some houses were completely blown away by powerful wind gusts while some areas were still without electricity.

Soldiers and officials were quickly checking the damage and helping the victims, speedily making repairs.

storm 1 (2)

People here are warned to be careful because fluctuating weather could trigger more storms. Phon Sawan district has been hit by 2 bad storms over the past 2 months.

Meanwhile the Thai Meteorological Department today (April 21) issued a warning that a high pressure system in China will extend and cover upper Thailand, which is in the midst of hot weather, and this will lead to outbreaks of thunderstorms, lighting, gusty winds and hail.

The storms will first hit the Northeast during April 24-25, and then slam the North, Central, East, South including Bangkok and its vicinity the next day, raging during April 25-27.

People are urged to stay away from flimsy buildings and avoid the outdoors, while farmers should beware of crop damage.


Top: The roof of this house in Phon Sawan district has been blown away. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: A house which today’s storm completely demolished. Photo: Thai News Agency