Viral video shows bank employee yelling at clients.

A video went viral online showing a bank employee yelling at a customer. Locals who were also in the bank recorded the incident as the employee was attacking many customers stating “Shut up and listen, don’t talk or I’ll chase you all back home”. Almost all netizens agree that the employee was acting inappropriately and such tone should not be used with customers. A Facebook user posted on 17 June 2020 a video recorded at a bank branch in Udon Thani Province. The user captioned “Good education, good looks, good work, better to say good things”. 


Credit: Khaosod


In the video, you can hear the conversation go as follow,

Employee: You wanted to see Ton, He’s not here, didn’t he tell you he was coming in at noon? 

Customer: Yes

Employee: Shut up and listen, he booked the next appointment at 15.00 can’t you see? 

Customer: It is 15.00 right now. 

Employee: Ton is not in, he’s working out of the office and he’s not here today. He’s not here all the time, we don’t know when he’s coming in. 

Customer: That’s all I asked, we (the customers) just wanted to ask. 

Employee: Stop, shut up, and listen. I know you want to ask but I am explaining, so just listen and don’t say anything. I tried contacting Ton, He’s not answering. I am working for those who are waiting here, so just listen and don’t think too much. 

Customer: That’s all we wanted to know. 

Employee: Stop, Stop, it’s done. If you say another word I’m done. I will chase all of you back home, shut up, and listen. 


Credit: Khaosod


The video was recorded on 16 June 2020 and was shared online the next day. Most netizens agree that the employee’s words and tone of voice are extremely inappropriate to customers. Employees should take a calm approach towards customers, these people are using the services of the bank and should be treated accordingly. A user commented “This is a good lesson for those working with customers. Just keep calm and separate your emotions from work. If you don’t feel like working then just inform the customer nicely. No need to yell or be rude to others. What did the customer do? They just want answers most of the time. You’re working and representing the bank, you don’t own the bank. Definitely need to improve your attitude if you plan to continue working in the service industry”. 


FB Caption: “Stop, Stop, it’s done. If you say another word I’m done. I will chase all of you back home, shut up and listen”. 

Source: Khaosod