Warning! Beware of steel items in the Thai sun.

A woman almost had her home burned down because of sunlight reflecting off a steel chair. This story is a warning to all in Thailand as unexpected fires can take place during the extreme summer heat. The Thai sun can be extremely hot and a simple mistake such as leaving a steel item out in the sun can cause a spark. Bangkok and nearby provinces reached 40 Celsius on 21 April 2023. In the Northern part temperatures reached 42.5 Celsius. There is also no rain and temperatures will continue to be extremely hot during this time. A TikTok user posted a video warning netizens to be careful. The woman had taken her bed outside and left it in the sun. 



Luckily she was home and spotted the smoke coming out of the bed. This was because nearby the bed was a stainless steel chair. The sunlight reflected off of the chair and started a spot on the bed to go on fire. Luckily the small spark was put out in time but the bed now has a big black spot. This type of accident is unexpected and often overlooked because no one would think leaving furniture in the sun can be so dangerous. The sunlight reflection was focused in one spot on the bed for a period of time. This caused the spark and because the bed is made of cotton and fibers, it quickly spread the spark. 



The TikTok user posted the video online hoping it will save future fires from happening. If you leave an egg outside in the Thai sun it will get cooked. Being in the sun for even a short period of time can result in sunburn or heatstroke. You must also pay special attention to pets during this time. Luckily the user was home and noticed the smoke in time. The fire could’ve spread to her home and damages could be far worse. The video captioned “It was so hot a fire started, my home could’ve burned down if I wasn’t here”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The stainless steel chair reflected sunlight and started a fire. 


Source: Khaosod