Weathermen announce arrival of summer

SUMMER has officially arrived in Thailand and some parts of the country should prepare for summer thunderstorms tomorrow, Thai News Agency said today (March 6).

Thai Meteorological Department Director Wanchai Sakundchai said that summer actually arrived on March 3 with the daily maximum temperature rising and it now being hot all day.

Weathermen expect that by the end of April the temperature will reach its peak with it being as high as 43 degrees Celsius in the Northeast and 40 degrees Celsius in Bangkok.

The heat wave will end in the middle of May.

However upper Thailand will have outbreaks of summer thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail in some areas. This will affect the Northeast and East during March 7-9 and Central region and lower North during March 8-9

People are advised to stay safe and avoid the outdoors due to severe weather conditions.

Another moderate high pressure has covered southern China and upper Vietnam. It is expected to cover the Northeast of Thailand and the South China Sea by tomorrow (7 March). In the meantime, there are outbreaks of hot spells over the upper part of the country.

Meanwhile quoted  Agence France-Presse as saying that a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck off Papua New Guinea today (March 6) but no Pacific-wide tsunami warning was issued.

The tremor hit at a depth of 28 kilometers (17 miles) near sparsely populated New Britain Island, 450 kilometers northeast of the capital Port Moresby, the United States Geological Survey said.

The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center ruled out a widespread tsunami.

“Based on all available data, a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is not expected,” it said.

New Britain, the largest island of the Bismarck Archipelago, is east of mainland New Guinea and has a population of around 500,000 people.

It lies on the 4,000-kilometer Pacific-Australia plate, which forms part of the “Ring of Fire”, a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates.


Top: Sunrise in Bangkok. Photo: Mika Stetsovski (CC-BY-2.0)



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