Weathermen quash online rumors of heat waves here

THE Thai Meteorological  Department debunked social media rumors of heat waves striking Thailand this summer while warning that the North faces its most violent summer storms this week, Thai News Agency said today (March 14).

According to these rumors the temperature in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand will soar to 40 degrees Celsius during March 20-22 because of the Equinox and there is a risk of heatstroke which can lead to death.

However Thai Meteorological Department Director Wanchai Sakundchai said at a press conference that he checked the source of the rumor and this is actually a repeat of last year’s rumor and cites Malaysian and Singapore Meteorological departments but it is not true because both countries have not issued any warning of this kind at all.

Yet there will be summer storms in many areas this week but it is the North which is most worrying because during March 16-19 there will be waves of westerly winds blowing in from Myanmar leading to perhaps the strongest summer storms ever in the region with hail too falling in many areas.

Less violent summer storms will also occur in during March 14-15 in the East and Northeast.

This summer the temperature will likely peak at 43 degrees Celsius in the North and Central regions with in the Northeast and East it should reach a high point of 41-42 degrees Celsius. However this will only be certain days and certain times of the day especially from end of April till end of May when Thailand gets strongest rays of the sun.


Top: Mr Wanchai addressing a press conference today. Photo: Thai News Agency




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