Well mannered thief gently wipes victim’s blood.

A robbery took place at a local convenience store in Roi Et Province. The thief seemed to be confused as he decided to rob the store but at the same time, he seemed to care about the victim who was the store’s employee. The Roi Et Police were notified of the robbery on 6 December 2019. Officials went to inspect the store right away at a gas station located in the Roi Et main city.


Aran 35 years old the employee who was currently working at the store during the time of the robbery was waiting for the police to arrive. Ara revealed that he was standing behind the cashier when a man around 25-30 years old with a thin figure, black beard, tall, long pants, and a black sweater walked into the store and was acting like a normal customer walking around the store looking at items.


Aran was shocked when the man walked behind the counter and punched him with a screwdriver straight in the face. As a result, his mouth was filled with blood. It was if the thief regretted his actions as he started wiping the blood off of Aran’s face. The thief then told Aran to open the cash register and managed to get away with 3,795 THB cash. Before leaving like other robbers in most theft cases, the robber turned to Aran and put his hands up in a praying motion as he apologized for his actions.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Aran stood in confusion as the thief walked out of the store and jumped on his motorbike parked in front of the convenient store and drove away. The investigation police are currently checking all the security camera footage in the area to find clues to who the well-mannered suspect might be. Although he took an unusual approach to commit the robbery, he will have to face the same charges as any other thief including charges for injuring the victim.


FB Caption: The robber turned to Aran and put his hands up in a praying motion as he apologized for his actions.


Source: Sanook