Westerner pins down knife-wielding Thai thief

A VIDEO clip of a westerner who fought a knife-wielding Thai thief on Koh Samui today (Feb. 21) and pinned him down with a choke-hold is being rapidly shared on Thai social media, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

Posting a video clip of this hair-raising fight was a member of Ruam Phol Ton Samui Facebook page writing under the name Ake O Sea who said the Thai thief seemed to be high on drugs, and the westerner was almost stabbed as he fought and pinned him down completely, with police and rescuers arriving soon after.

The western man’s Thai girlfriend, Miss Phimphan Saithong, 29, said she was just playing a game on her iPhone 10 mobile phone while he was getting a massage at a shop when a Thai man came up to her to ask how much a 2-hour massage costs.

She told him that she was not a masseuse, and got up to go call one to talk to him but inadvertently left the phone on the table because she has 2 of the same model.

The Thai thief was cool, he did not pick up the phone and run right away, he waited for her to return to tell him that a masseuse, who is currently at another shop, will soon be in to talk to him.

He told he is going to his home, which is nearby, to have a quick lunch and got up and left. It was then that she realized she had lost the second iPhone 10 so alerted her boyfriend.

Her western boyfriend hopped on a motorcycle and chased the thief, and spotted him just a hundred meters from the massage shop with the mobile phone bulging from his pocket.

The Thai thief tried to run away, but the westerner chased him and they came to blows.  A knife was pulled out but the westerner pushed it aside with his hand and locked him in a choke-hold.

“In the 4-5 years I have been on Koh Samui I have never seen anything like this, only on TV, never thought I would personally see it in real life. Seeing this scares me,  I won’t go out alone anymore and won’t wear valuables such as gold, and won’t show the iPhone 10,” Phimphan said.

However, she did feel sorry for the theft suspect, Mr Suthipong Chumket, 25, so the couple did not file a charge of injury just robbery, but police added a charge of carrying a weapon in a public place without a good reason.


Top: The western man locking the Thai thief in a choke-hold with the Thai headline overlaid on the photo reading “Farang fights knife barehanded .” Photo: Matichon