Wet market and teak wood houses gutted

FIRES broke out in four provinces last night with the blaze at a wet market in Mahasarakham destroying 10 shophouses while three golden teak houses in the heart of Mae Sot town were also gutted and a blind, disabled man died in Nakhon Sawan, Thai News Agency said today (Feb. 17).

At around 10 p.m. firemen rushed with 20 fire engines to put out a blaze at a 10-shophouse morning wet market cum general goods store in Chiang Yuen district of Mahasarakham and took an hour to put it out.

The blaze did not spread to adjacent buildings and there were no injuries and fatalities but all ten shophouses and four motorcycles were destroyed.

Wet market in Mahasarakham destroyedInitial investigation showed that it was likely caused by a short circuit as neighbors heard an explosion and saw sparks flying from a power pole.

Meanwhile in Tak province a big golden teak house as well as two others in Mae Sot town belonging to Ms Kamolchat Nongluang, 32, were gutted around midnight.

Firemen had rushed to the scene with eight fire engines and had difficulty in putting out the blaze which spread fiercely because the house where it had started which was rented out to workers was very old golden teak wood and it was also very windy and this led to the fire also engulfing the two newer golden teak houses next to it but it was extinguished in half an hour

While there were no fatalities or injuries, a lot of people also living in wooden houses nearby had to move their belongings out and aside from these three houses two others were partly damaged.

Ms Kamolchat said she owned all three houses and had rented out two of them to workers while living in the middle one. By the time she woke up after hearing calls that a fire had broken out it had already reached the front door and she only managed to escape with her four-year-old daughter and 83-year-old mother via the rear entrance without being able to save anything at all.

Firemen in Chacheongsao province also had to rush to put out a fire at a shophouse at 10 p.m. with this being a pharmacy on Chumpol road in Mueang district.

Washing machine caught fire in Chacheongsao (1)The blaze had started at a washing machine on the ground floor with the owner asleep on the third floor and it took half an hour to extinguish it but it did not spread to adjacent shophouses.

Initial investigation showed that the owner had left the washing machine running and gone upstairs to sleep which led to a short circuit.

Meanwhile a blind, disabled man died in a shophouse fire in Nakhon Sawan’s Muang District at 7 p.m.with this being quickly put out and caused very little damaged.


Top: Three golden teak houses ablaze in Mae Sot town last night. Photo: Thai News Agency

First inset: Firemen go through the debris of the wet market in Mahasarakham. Photo: Thai News Agency

Second inset: The washing machine which caught fire at a shophouse pharmacy in Chacheongsao. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: Firemen fighting the blaze which engulfed three golden teak houses in Mae Sot town. Photo: Thai News Agency

Fire in Mae Sot (1)




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