Wife ties husband after he used the money for online gambling

A husband revealed his wife had tied his hands and feet after he gambled online. This was his punishment after being caught. The husband states he does not want to fight the wife but is sad as his daily allowance has been cut down by the wife. A revealed to Khaosod Online News on 30 January 2023 at 10.30. His wife caught his online gambling addiction. He received a daily allowance before he leaves for work every day. After the incident, his allowance is now at 150 THB per day. The husband also states he believes the wife will lower his allowance even more because the story has gone viral among Thai netizens. 



A stated his usual allowance is 200 THB per day. Instead of using it for daily items, he invested it into an online gambling card game. While he was playing on his phone a message came in offering to sell tips that can help him win. His wife saw the message and realized what he had been doing. A stated “At first I denied it but when the evidence came out I couldn’t deny it no longer. I have used my daily allowance to online gamble, but not all of it. My wife does not like this and tied my hands and feet so I cannot fight her. 



I didn’t want to fight her anyways as I admit to my wrongdoings. My wife was extremely angry because she is very against online gambling. She also threatened to divorce me so I apologized for what I did”. The husband states this is a big lesson for him. He won’t even think about online gambling again. His daily allowance has been decreased to 150 THB from 200 THB per day. A believes that his daily allowance will be decreased even more to 100 THB per day since the story has gone viral online. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: His daily allowance is now at 150 THB a day. 


Source: Khasod