wife wins case against husband’s mistress.

Wife wins case against husband’s mistress. Thai netizens have been keeping up with the case ever since the story of the wife visiting a wedding between the husband and the mistress went viral online. The court has ordered the mistress to pay 200,000 THB to the rightful wife. Nipaparn known as Joy 33 years old held her marriage certificate into a wedding between the mistress and her husband. The husband is a 34-year-old police officer at the Chai Nat city police station in Chai Nat Province. Joy knew she was taken advantage of, and she needed to set things straight.


Credit: Sanook


Joy built a life with the husband; they have been married for 16 years after signing the marriage certificates. They also have 2 beautiful children. The husband forgot the love of his wife and the children, instead he formed a relationship with another woman and decided to arrange a wedding. Pictures of the wife arguing with the husband at his secret wedding went viral quickly. Both the husband and mistress ignored the fact that he was already married and chased the wife out of their wedding. The incident took place on 18 February 2021.


The wife then filed a case with the court asking for compensation from the mistress set at 300,000 THB. At the same time there was news that the mistress also planned to file a case against the wife for 2 million THB. The mistress claimed the wife cause shame towards her. The wife then responded with a message that she does not mind if the mistress decides to file a report, but make sure to pay the compensation on the first case before she files the case.


The latest news on 24 June 2021 was posted online by the wife on her Facebook account. The wife stated “The feeling after knowing that I won is worth more that 300,000 THB. She has been shamed by the whole country all throughout the media. This is worth more than the money that she must pay. I am more beautiful now and that is worth more than 200,000 THB with the interest. I must thank this experience. Say goodbye to the old days and welcome my new face”.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The wife states winning the case is worth more than the money.


Source: Sanook