Wild elephants terrorize rubber farmers

EIGHT wild elephants spread fear as they raided some rubber plantations in Chanthaburi and while officials have chased them back to the jungle villagers still do not dare resume their normal routine, INN News said today (August 6).

Thitirat Inthiwong, 63, of Khao Kaew subdistrict in Chanthaburi’s Tha Mai district, alerted wildlife officials that these wild jumbos had raided his and his neighbors’ rubber plantations and destroyed their crops making them too scared to go out and tap rubber at night as they usually do.

The wildlife team moved in and chased the elephants back into the jungle of Khao Kaew mountain and are now standing guard all 24 hours both for the safety of the farmers and the eight jumbos.

However despite this these farmers are still too scared to go out and tap rubber at night and are doing so from morning to afternoon but this has led to their income dropping.


Top: The wild elephants at a Chanthaburi rubber plantation. Photo INN News


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