Win motorbike shoots another driver over passenger feud.

Win motorbike driver gives himself up to police after shooting another win motorbike driver. The victim yelled at the suspect for taking a passenger. A fight started and the suspect pulled a gun out before shooting the other driver. The gun is a BB gun that has been modified into a real gun. The suspect jumped on his motorbike and drove away. Police Colonel Anan Worasat from the Bang Khen Police Station gave orders to related officials to arrest Wirat 48 years old. The suspect was arrested on 17 February 2023 at 16.30. Wirat was arrested with a modified .380 BB gun. 



The incident took place earlier at 8 am on the same day. Police received notification of a motorbike driver shot in Sai Mai Bangkok. Officials arrived and met Sunin 55 years old with a gunshot wound on his right foot. Luckily he is not critically injured and will make full recovery soon. Police found a 9mm bullet on the ground and it is now in evidence. Investigation revealed Wirat is the shooter. They both drive win motorbikes at the same location and Wirat is no.52 out of all the drivers. After the incident the suspect jumped on his motorbike and drove away. 



Police didn’t have to search long because Wirat gave himself up on the same day. The suspect came to the Bang Khen Police station and brought the gun with him. Wirat stated he was driving as usual and was making circles to look for passengers. He spotted Sunan, the victim, parked in the middle of the alley. Sunan shouted at him accusing the suspect of trying to steal passengers. Wirat was furious and parked his motorbike before they started fighting. The suspect pulled out a gun and shot Sunan. He shot once when they were standing 10 meters away from each other. The bullet went into Sunan’s right shoe. Wirat is now waiting for prosecution at the police station. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The victim accused the suspect of stealing passengers. 


Source: Khaosod