Woman arrested making fake Thai Visa.

Immigration police shut down a company responsible for making fake Thai Visas. The owner of the company has been arrested and admits she works alone. Police also arrested a Chinese husband and wife who scammed over 300 million THB worth of damages in China. They are hiding in Thailand as there is an arrest warrant for the couple in their country. Police Lieutenant General Pakphum Sajpan from the Immigration Bureau and related officials reported the cases on 6 February 2023. Since December police have found many tourists leaving the country with fake Visa stamps. Officials believe that the stamps all come from the same source. 



Angsana the suspect is the person responsible for all the fake stamps. She was arrested on 22 January 2023. She had over 700 passports with her and 124 passports had fake Visa stamps in them. Angsana admitted that she is the only person working in the company. Police searched a condo unit in Bangkok which is used as her main office. Equipment used to make the stamps were found including special stationery, gloves, and paper that Angsana used to practice signing signatures belonging to immigration officials. There were also replica stamps, Angsana states there are more stamps that she threw away. 



Police also arrested Yang and Jeng wanted in China. They were found inside a Condo unit in Bangkok. Officials seized their electronics and cash of many currencies amounting to over 7 Million THB. They created an application inviting people to invest and play online gambling. They also used the application WeChat to find victims. They moved the money and came to hide in Thailand. The damages currently are over 300 million THB. The couple is now with the Immigration Bureau waiting to be sent back to China. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect had 700 passports waiting to be stamped and signed. 


Source: Khaosod