Woman arrested, steals truck after test drive.

Police Lieutenant General Suthin Suppuang gave orders to Police Major Nattadanai Sikaetrai from the Crime Suppression Division and other related officials to arrest Prapasra 27 years old under the power of an arrest warrant issued by the Chonburi Kwaeng Court. The suspect was arrested in front of a mall in Chum Phae District, Khon Kaen Province.


Uraivan, the victim, in this case, owns a beauty salon and the suspect is her usual customer. In September 2020 Uraivan put her truck up for sale and parked it in front of her beauty salon. Prapasra saw the truck and told Uraivan that she was interested in purchasing it. Uraivan thought because Prapasra was a good customer she was trustable. The suspect asked to take the truck for a test drive then returned the truck and told Uraivan that she needed to think about it but she loves the driving experience so far.


A few days later the suspect came back to the salon and asked if she could take it for another test drive, but this time she never returned. Uraivan called and Prapasra claimed she wanted to borrow the car and would come to pay the victim later. Months passed by as Uraivan never saw her truck again. Prapasra blocked her calls as if she never existed. Uraivan decided to file a report with the Samet Police in Chonburi Province.



The investigation discovered that the suspect had moved to Khon Kaen. Prapasra can try but she cannot run from the police forever, officials found out her exact location. They followed her and arrested Prapasra in front of the mall on 28 February 2020 at 15.30. From the moment she was arrested and brought to the Samet Police in Chonburi, the suspect denied all charges and claimed that it was all a misunderstanding. Prapasra history confirms otherwise, before becoming a truck thief, the suspect scammed people online for a living.


FB Caption: Prapasra came for a second test drive, but this time she left with the truck.


Source: INN News