Woman dies in Russian roulette game

A YOUNG man handed himself to the authorities in Ayuthaya after killing his girlfriend during a Russian roulette game played in the middle of last night, Thai News Agency said today (May 18)

The death occurred on the second floor bedroom of a house in Sena district of Ayuthaya province where police found the body of Ms Nopparat Sena dead on the bed with a bullet wound on her forehead. Nearby they found .22 Magnum revolver and an empty shell which they kept as evidence.

Upon being questioned the suspect, Pongrat Kitchsunthorn who is the deceased’s boyfriend and was still drunk when the police arrived, admitted that his girlfriend was about to go to sleep but he thought of having some fun so he walked to his grandmother’s house and brought over the revolver to the bedroom . However he said he thought all the bullets had been removed.

The two of them started playing Russian roulette by taking turns to fire the revolver on their forehead but it went off when he held it to her forehead.

He said he tried to safe her life but it was too late so he called the authorities and waited to hand himself in.

In searching the other hosue police found five bullets there and have filed murder charge against the suspect.


Top: The suspect in the bedroom where his girlfriend died in a game of Russian roulette.



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