Woman followed on the road, security guard helped protect.

A woman was followed on the road by a total stranger, a security guard helped protect the woman from possible danger. The driver knocked on the woman’s car and tried to open her car door. The Sanook News Team went to visit the victim on 1 November 2020 in Nonthaburi Province. Pimjutha 36-year-old was followed by a 40-year-old man driving a truck who wanted to follow her home. The victim decided to ask for help from the security guard working in front of her village. Pimjutha’s family decided to post the story online in hopes of finding who the man was along with information on the truck. 


A video was taken from inside the victim’s car showing a man standing inside the village guardhouse. The man came walking to her car and tried to enter inside. An argument started as the security guard saw what was happening and tried to stop the man. This didn’t stop the man as he continued knocking on her car but finally when he realized she was recording a video the man walked back to his truck and drove away. Pimjutha stated the incident took place at 1.20 am after she returned from work. She had picked up her granddaughter and was heading home. While on the road the truck cut in front of her and the driver’s door was left open. The car stopped and 2 persons came out of the car signaling for her to drive ahead. 


She headed to her village as usual but noticed the truck was following her. She headed to the guardhouse and called the security guard. Pimjutha told the guard a car was following her, she did not know who the driver was. The man came out of his truck and told the guard they knew each other. When his plan didn’t work out the man returned to his truck and kept on honking the horn. He came out of the vehicle again and started banging on her car trying to open her car doors. 


Pimjutha decided 10 minutes after the incident to file a report with the police as his intentions are unknown. Pumpichai Saknunyod 54 year old the security guard stated after the man’s plan to pretend he knows Pimjutha didn’t work out, he drove his truck into her car. It was the first time seeing the truck so the guard knew this was a stranger to the village. After Pimjutha filed a report she discovered the truck followed her car to the police station. He drove around the station 2-3 times before driving away. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption:  When he realized she was recording a video the man walked back to his truck and drove away, but she later discovered she was followed to the police station. 


Source: Sanook