Woman gives birth in 7/11 store.

A woman gave birth inside a 7/11 store and the baby is named Seven. The incident took place inside Thailand’s most common franchise convenience store that can be found at every corner in the country. The woman was shopping inside the store with her husband for items to use during giving birth and were going to the hospital after they finished shopping. They didn’t make it in time because the woman started screaming for help from employees inside the store. After giving birth she knew right away what the baby’s name was going to be.


Local police officers in Samut Prakan Province, the village chiefs, the local rescue team, and related officers were working at a Songkran checkpoint at 16.30 on 11 April 2022. The checkpoint was located inside a local PTT gas station. An employee from the store ran to the checkpoint and informed them that a woman was giving birth inside the store. Officials traveled to the store and found the woman in front of the cashier. The 26 year old was laying against a shelf holding a crying male baby. The team quickly helped her and performed first aid care. An ambulance from the Phra Samut Chedi was notified and came to pick up the woman and her baby. 


The husband stated this is their second child who was scheduled to be born on the 13th. They decided to come out and get some items in preparation for the birth. While walking inside the store the woman’s water broke and sudden pain took place. She fell to the ground and the baby was born shortly after. The dad stated “I didn’t know what to do and called the employees inside for help. One of them went to tell the officials. I feel thankful for all who helped and the baby is named “Seven”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The baby will be named “Seven” because she was born inside a 7/11 store. 


Source: Khaosod