Woman looks at GPS, drives into pond.

A woman was afraid of getting lost and focused her attention on the GPS. She ended up driving into a forest before the truck flipped into a pond. The woman quickly notified officials from the Lan Sak Police Station in Uthai Thani Province and informed them that her truck was filling up with water. Police along with the local rescue team searched for the woman but it was not easy. The woman had the location as it was displayed in the GPS, but the location was in a forest and the signal was not good. It was also an area far from people with no villagers nearby. An officer was searching in a forest and walked down near a pond located right by the road. 



The road is located in Rabam Sub-district, Lan Sak Province. The officer saw the woman walking out of the pond. He then noticed the truck that was flipped over in the pond. The remaining officers in the team were notified and quickly arrived. Anyarin 28 years old stated she was going to visit a friend and used the GPS. While arriving at a curve she looked at the GPS and didn’t turn to follow the curve. The truck continued moving straight into the forest and flipped over into a pond. Water entered inside and the truck was sinking fast. As water was about to reach her head she held onto her phone that was still dry. 



The incident took place on 27 May 2022. Anyarin called officials and informed them of her GPS location. She then searched for a hard item in her truck to break the window. The woman made it out in time through the back window and crawled out into the pond. The officer who found her was standing in front of the pond at this time and helped her out. Anyarin believes the reason she survived is due to the power of a monk that she has strong faith in. The woman is now safe and the truck has been moved out of the pond. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The woman broke the window and crawled out of her truck into the pond. 


Source: Khaosod