Woman poses as monk makes millions from locals.

A famous celebrity named Mor Pla in Thailand who is famous for exposing fake monks and similar persons revealed a new story. A woman who has posed as a monk has been making income from villagers. No official sector has taken action including the National Office of Buddhism (ONAB). Mor Pla revealed to Khaosod News that he received a complaint from villagers about a woman around 50 years old posing as a monk. The woman shaves her head and wears an orange robe. Her main daily activities include blessing villagers who the fake monk claims to have bad luck. 



The fake monk is located in Non Thai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. A family contacted Mor Pla stating there is a fake monk who is actually a woman claiming she is the spirit of a famous Thai monk. The family visited the woman and was informed that a person in the family killed someone and was haunted by a spirit. There are many more victims who fell for her claims and paid money to get blessed with good luck. The son decided to contact the celebrity as his parent still believe the fake monk’s claims even though they have already paid so much money along with gold jewelry. 



A lawyer and his wife went to visit the fake monk and pretended to be normal villagers. The female monk would talk to those who looked like they have money and claimed that they have bad luck. She would then ask for 10,000 THB in exchange to bless them with good fortune or to help fix their bad luck in the future. The woman has been doing this for about 10 years with many victims. She does not show any regret for her actions. The ONAB states that there is nothing the office can do because the woman is not a monk. Victims have filed reports with the Non Sung Police. Her main victims are the elderly as they have strong beliefs tied to cultural factors. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption:  The woman has been dressing as a monk for about 10 years with many victims.


Source: Khaosod