Woman slept in jail after asking for her money back on social media.

A creditor decided to ask for her money back via Facebook, but she ended up having to sleep in jail for one full day under slander charges. Kanyaphat Tunkokkruad shared her experience to netizens as a warning that even though you are in the right, be careful and to always be aware of the law.


Kanyaphat posted online asking the debtor to return 30,000 THB that was borrowed from her. Kanyapat stated, “Around 9 am I got a call, the police were calling me. They asked if I was Kanyaphat and I said yes. After I asked them what the call was about, the police asked me whether I knew that there was an arrest warrant for me.


Credit: Mthai
Credit: Mthai


I was confused and asked the police what is the arrest warrant about. The police stated that someone has filed for slander charges against me, they don’t know the name of the reporter, but it’s from the online post that I made publicly asking for my 30,000 THB back.”.


Kanyaphat then further explained the full story. When the debtor asked to borrow her money, he stated that his wife was in labor and they needed 30,000 THB. He told me that he didn’t have enough money to pay the medical fees and he owed the hospital 40 to 50K THB. I agreed to let him borrow 30,000 THB and sent the money through transfer 3 times 10,000 THB per time.


I agreed to let him borrow my money because I felt sorry for him and his wife. His wife knew about her husband borrowing my money. As soon as the police read the case to me I knew who it was. I then asked the police to see the file, as a response the police asked me if I wanted to turn myself in. I agreed and set up a meeting at an Amazon Cafe in a PTT gas station around 1.30 pm and then travel to the police station together.




The police told me that I could bail out right away. My parents were extremely busy trying to help me with help from my boss. I gave my information to the police and a representative from the other party, then I came out to submit the bail. Suddenly, I was informed that I couldn’t submit the bail and had to wait until noon of the other day when the court was open. This is how I ended up staying in Jail for 1 night and 1 day, I never thought that I would be in this position.


FB Caption: I agreed to let him borrow 30,000 THB because I felt sorry for him and his wife.


Source: Mthai