Yaba drug found OTW to Korea hidden in pillows.

Nimit Mai Police discovered Yaba pills planned to be exported to Korea. The drugs were hidden inside pillows as a new hiding method to export drugs out of the country. Police Colonel Yingyot Chaladpru along with related officials from Nimit Mai Police Station seized 60,000 Yaba pills hidden inside 15 pillows on 12 April 2023. The police received a notification from employees at a private shipping company in Bangkok. A package was dropped off at the company where the sender did not use their real name. The employees feared it would be illegal goods and decided to notify officials. 



Officials went to the location and opened the box. Suspicions were confirmed and inside were 60,000 Yaba pills. An employee who was the first to accept the box at the company revealed he is a representative for the company, for international shipments. He received the box sent to his home by Thai post and his job was to forward the box out of the country. But the representative found the shipment very suspicious because there was no sender name. The sender ordered him to send the box to Korea but had not given an address yet. Then on the 11th he inspected the box and the company also agreed the box is strange. 



To make sure it was not illegal goods the employees decided to notify the police so they can come open the box. Usually when sending an envelope or box at the post, whether Thai Post or at a private company, the sender is required to present their ID card to the employee. The information in the ID is recorded. This is to prevent the shipment of illegal goods such as drugs. In the case that illegal goods have been sent in the post, the information recorded by the employee can be accessed through the system to find the person connected to the shipment. Therefore, when a box with no sender name arrived at the employee’s home to be forwarded outside of the country. It was clear the sender did not want to reveal who they are and this is suspicious behavior. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The sender wanted the private shipping company to forward his box to South Korea. 


Source: Khaosod