Yaba sellers on Twitter arrested, 16 and 20 years old.

The Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) arrested drug sellers that have been doing business on Twitter, the famous social media platform. Police Lieutenant General Visanu Prasatthongosot from the Royal Thai Police with Police Lieutenant General Chinapat Sarasin from the NSB and other related officials reported the arrest of a suspect who has been selling drugs online through a twitter account. The Twitter account name is “Yaba seller hit me up and tell me which chemical” in Thai. The drug sellers have been doing business so publicly that they are mocking the law and setting an extremely inappropriate example to the online youth.


Officials have arrested 2 suspects, Muhammad Sobri Sasu 20 years old and A 16 years old from Phang Nga Province. They also found evidence including 5 phones, a bank book, 2 ATM cards, there were no drugs in the scene because the suspects claim that they are a fraud and don’t ship the promised products after money is transferred in from the buyers.


Officials also found another twitter account in connection with the first account named “Big drug seller” in Thai. Both accounts belong to the suspects and were made in 2018 with over 3,000 followers. The suspects will post tweets with pictures and prices of the products. They also had special promotions for the customers during the New Year holidays. The police will continue the investigation to establish further connections to other social media accounts claiming to sell drugs.


During New Year’s officials have increased security measures for drug sellers and drug smugglers. One of the cases that took place during the holiday season was this case that arrested 2 suspects, one 16-year-old and one 20-year-old. There are currently a lot of online drug sellers, these sellers accept payment through bank transfers and delivers the product using the mail service, whether it being the Thai Post or other private shipping companies. The suspects, in this case, admit that sometimes they deliver the drugs and sometimes they scam the customers, the money made is used to purchase drugs for themselves.



FB Caption: Owner of twitter accounts “Big drug seller” and “Yaba seller hit me up and tell me which chemical” have been arrested in Phang Nga Province.


Source: INN News