Young child saved by dog from an angry cow.

A man shared the story of a young girl saved by a german shepard dog from an angry cow. The father admitted he trusted the situation too much and as a result his daughter was almost attacked. Luckily the good dog sensed the cow was about to attack and chased it away. The story was first shared in a Facebook group called “German Shepard lovers” in Thai. Security camera recorded the incident and was also shared. The footage showed a young girl walking towards a cow. The cow noticed her and started walking towards her to attack. A dog quickly ran in and chased the cow away. 



The post stated “This is a lesson learned. I was watching out for cars but did not pay enough attention to the cow. Thank you to my sister who was taking care of the dog. I lost my breath, it’s not that I didn’t take care of my child but usually the cow is really friendly. This cow has been in the village for a long time and belongs to a local. My daughter loves cows and usually watches this cow from a distance”. Pictures show the little girl wearing white standing in front of a cow. There are two cows but one of them was very close to her. The dog is first seen sitting on the road looking at the child. As the cow starts coming too close the dog runs and starts barking at the cow to drive it away. 



The father then noticed what had just happened and runs to grab his daughter. The post went viral shortly after it was posted and has been shared over 10,000 times. Many netizens have complimented what a good dog is and agrees german shepherds are very smart and protective. Many netizens have also criticized the father and want him to pay more attention to what his daughter is doing. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The father states the cow is usually very friendly but this time that was not the case. 

Source: Khaosod