Young couple’s motel romp secretly filmed

A YOUNG Thai man was shocked to discover that a video clip of him having sex with his girlfriend at a rented motel room in north-central Phetchabun city has been spread on social media, reported today (August 13).

Mr Ton (assumed name), 34, told reporters that he was deeply upset at finding out that this video clip had been posted and shared among a secret Twitter group that regularly shares lots of pornographic photos and videos.

The victim, who is a state enterprise worker, added that he was badly shaken up because he and his girlfriend had rented a private room at this motel and this was the 4th time they did so at this very place over the past 2 years, and they were always given the same room to use.

He also mentioned that the film of the 2 of them having sex was merged with many other clips.

When he contacted the person who posted it and other members of this Twitter group to stop sharing this film, if not he would tell the press and take legal action, he was instead threatened that if he did so they would release more video clips, clearly blackmailing him.

Ton contacted the motel but they dodged responsibility saying they did not know anything about this incident, and that they had not installed cameras in their rooms. They also urged him to stop accusing them because it would hurt their business.

However Ton confirmed he would proceed to the end and is tomorrow going to file a report at Phetchabun city police station.


Top: Ton holding his mobile phone. Photo: