Young guide returns 60,000 baht to owner

A YOUNG female guide whose dad found US dollars worth over 60,000 baht at Suvarnbhumi Airport which she returned to the banker whose daughter had dropped the cash said she did so in accordance with His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s teachings, INN News reported today (Oct. 27).

Ms Watcharee Warakitcharoen, 27, who works as a guide handed 2,074 US dollars, equivalent to over 60,000 baht, to Mr  Kampho Kruakulritiwong, 57, whose daughter had dropped it while they were getting off their private car at Suvarnabhumi Airport’s fourth floor passenger terminal on October 20, 2017.

Watcharee said at around that time she was dropping off a tour group in the same area of the airport and her dad, who is a Hong Kong resident, found a white envelope with this amount of cash on the floor but there was no document indicating ownership.

He told her to return the money and she then handed it  to FM 91 radio station and asked them to help find the owner.

She added that in 2011 when she was studying overseas she had lost 140,000 baht and felt really bad because she already had a child.

While not knowing who the cash belonged to, a Thai or a foreign tourist, she was certain that person would be worried.

Kamphol said he was really happy to get the cash back and added that this money was given to him by his older daughter to buy something for her.

He gave Watcharee 3,000 baht reward for returning the cash.


Top: FM 91 radio operators with Watcharee and Kamphol.  Photo: INN News