Young man’s messy flat shocks netizens

PHOTOS of a young man’s squalid flat from which he ran away without paying rent, spead online by DR.K v.3 web page, have shocked netizens who wonder how he could have possibly lived with all the filth, reported today (Dec. 14).

After the apartment building’s landlord found out that this tenant has escaped without clearing the owed rent, he opened the flat and shockingly found that it was totally filthy with garbage strewn everywhere and there were also traces of drug use.


The landlord has since then posted a notice informing all other tenants that he will be regularly checking the flats, with prior appointment. However if the tenant flees without paying the rent or it is suspected that drugs are being used, he will immediately open the flat in question without advance notice.


Top and inset: The appallingly messy flat that a young man left without clearing the rent. Photo: